Passion Comes in Waves




From the Western Australian diaries of Andre Anwar

At 17yrs old, Sumbawan Andre Anwar has been handed the second best opportunity for an Indonesian surfer in History. The first being the opportunity given to his Uncle Oney Anwar, whom Rip Curl has groomed as carefully as a rare orchid. But after years of careful handling, the competitive and media results of both these surfers would only impress their mothers. The ability? They have it in spades. But perhaps it is the very culture of Indonesia with its impotent education system, that fails to fire in young men the curiosity, ambition and imagination it takes to take the world by the balls. The following is a rare insight into the world of Andre Anwar from his point of view written down in a diary in a language not native to him. But within these words perhaps there is also an answer to why, with all the given talent in the world, most Indonesian surfers are victims as international competitors and citizens. Desire and familiar comforts of home eternally at odds with potential professional success.

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Trevor Murphy On The Dreams, The Ice Cream Headaches And The Frozen Psychology Of The New England Winter

Imagine Your dreams. Pick a good one. The kind of dream that makes you smile in your deep REM state. A place filled with vibrant colors, soothing sounds and a comfortably warm aura. Void of dark colors and cold tones. Ourselves being surfers, our dreams are the most sparkling and majestic supernatural playgrounds imaginable. Crystal clear waters, spinning cylinders, warm colors. Women and men bronzed and toned like Greek sculptures. Half naked, hooting and hollering sounds of joy and admiration directed at our equally stunning God -like frames. Not a bad dream world to say the least. Now take this especially magical dream world and place it in a 6mm wetsuit, turn the air temp down below ice cubes and block out the sun.

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Surftime will be starting a new feature designed to really get inside the heads of the prominent surfers of our Indonesian society. First up? Bali’s Rahtu Suargita, 32 years old, Pro surfer, President of the Halfway Boardriders club, older brother to five sisters.

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The truth of Sean Gilhooley’s newest film is not to be found in asking how he did it. The truth is in the question of why. And the answer to that? Passion. Three years in the making, Gilhooley has triumphed again with a feature length expose’ on the main passion of our lives. And with a running time of just over an hour, there is plenty of it. Once again, Gilhooley, a master of opening credits, has crafted a stunning prelude to the action. In INDO, his previous film, he captured very personal portraits of the main stars while cleverly displaying the sponsor’s logos in the background. In INDO STYLE he has ramped it up again with an effort that is not only dazzling, but quite profound.

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