Passion Comes in Waves



1. The End Of The Innocence

The 12th Annual Rip Curl GromSearch South East Asian Finals were decided this year in perfect 4 to 5 foot waves at the famed “Canggu right” at Perenenan Beach, Bali. Champions Rio Waida and Cinta Hansel are now headed for the big time at the international finals to be held overseas at a yet to be released location. Compliments of Rip Curl, they earned the right today to surf against the greatest Groms in the world later this year.

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2. Slidetober

Talk about a wild weekend… the 5th annual Deus Slidetober Fest was so big that all anyone was left with was sunburn, a hangover and a weird, stoked tiredness that can only come from three days worth of burning the candle at both ends. You’ve never seen anything like it and that’s because you’d be hard pressed to make it happen anywhere else in the world. It has something to do with the vibe that hangs in the rice paddy smoke around Canggu. Anything is possible there. Where else could someone hold an event with one day of motorcycle racing on the beach, one day of shredding in the water and another on a Moto Xdirt track?

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4. Padma Boys

Almost a year since the last Padma Boys event , finally on October Sunday the 18th Padma Boys Drop The Anchor Challenge 2015 happened. As always we didn’t have a lot of time since we just decided a week before the date, but turn out everything went very well. Thanks again for everyone that put in a lot of energy in it to make this event happened.

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Capping off a non-stop action-packed two days of competition at the Quiksilver Canggu Challenge at Bali’s favorite wave playground of Canggu, 2014 ASC Champion Dede Suryana claimed the Men’s Open victory in an exciting battle of Asia’s best surfing champions, while the Philippines Nilbie Blancada dominated the Women’s Open, Brazil’s Samuel Pupo wowed the crowd to win the Junior Boys, and Australia’s Sophie Fletcher nabbed the top podium spot in the Junior Girls.

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BALI, INDONESIA – Picture perfect Padma Beach delivered the goods in the second leg of the Billabong Grommet Attack 2015 series. 2-3 foot waves rolled in under blue skies and off shore winds, creating a peaceful scene that was in direct contrast to the highly competitive grom action taking place in the water. And indeed they did, with verve and determination, having to be boated out to the distant line-up and then left to paddle in. “That is the physical education element of this contest” laughed parent Cacho Izquierdo, “It’ll put a little meat on their bones”.

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