Passion Comes in Waves


At last. It’s open season and we have a very special issue that we are proud to be bringing you. In this day and age of instagrams and the shallow immediacy of social media, Surftime is happy to be thriving here in Indonesia as a bastion of permanent images chock full of thoughts of the past, the present and the future. Thanks for coming with us and putting down the screens for some meaningful moments that will be preserved within these pages forever.

In that way Surftime is a museum of sorts. Not something you can swipe away with a flick of your finger. Our archives go back 19 glorious years, the most exciting in Indonesia’s surfing history, and we plan on 19 more. Working with the best photographers on earth and the tightest, most unique surfing community in the world. In this issue, dedicated to the open season, we kick things off with a look at the Eastside’s gem and an opening photograph that we believe says everything about the excitement about the change of season. Then we venture up into the cold north of British Columbia with photographer Marcus Palladino’s images of a very different world than our own. A world of ice and snow, wet suits and hardship… and tubes.

Damea Dorsey has returned from a long exploratory voyage of discovery in Micronesia. Sailing over the very waters of the conflicts of World War two. His photo essay is more a meditation than an article, from the last cleanest place we have on earth. We also bring you the future in the form of our mini-profiles of the hottest junior surfers we have here in Indonesia, asking the question, do they have what it takes to take us into the future? The portraits of Dhea Natasya are worth the read alone. And the REnextop pro came down at Halfway, the first of our four event Asian series. Over four days, over 17 million views were counted on the live broadcast.

Mostly due to the Chinese viewership where surfing has exploded in popularity. Has the sleeping dragon awakened? Considering their proximity to Indonesia, we might be seeing alot of new Chinese brothers and sisters in the line-ups soon. And we even bring you a special essay by Sam George on just what the Founders Cup contest at Kelly’s Wave Pool really meant after all. All of this wrapped up in what you are holding in your hand. Because there is nothing permanent except change. And we plan on rolling with those changes for years to come. Enjoy. Then go wax up.