Passion Comes in Waves
Close Out


With all this talk of wave pools, let us not forget that ocean wave full power surfing will always reign supreme. And always has. Witness here Barry Kanaipuni, in a timeless power surfing moment from 1971 on the inside bowl of Sunset Beach, Hawaii. Barry practically invented power surfing. Often leaving other surfers, like Tiger Espere on the outside wave in this photo, in his slashing wake. And speaking of wakes, wave pools are nothing new.

Check out the photo below of the World Inland Surfing Championships that took place in Allentown Pennsylvania in a slippity slidey water park back in 1985. That would be two time World Champion Tom Carroll in the photo, struggling through a puny, five second ride on his way to victory. Both photos offered here as a comparison and contrast. The future of power surfing? Rock solid. And the future of wave pools? Well, they sure have come a long way. Just where they are going from here is the big question. But the choice will always be yours