Passion Comes in Waves


The Sky is falling. And our Oceans came from up there. Not surprising that surfing has always been referred to as a cosmic experience. After all, most of the earth’s Ocean’s were created by marauding comets.The bombardment would have happened some eight million years after the earth was formed. That’s right. Comets, not Asteroids. Comets being made up primarily of ice, where asteroids are mostly metal and rock. Billions of years ago, when our planet was just a baby, these comets and their precious loads of frozen ice slammed into the earth quite often. The Earth a target for the free floating chunks of debris that has always pinballed around in space at the mercy of whatever gravitational forces they may encounter.

The evidence of this comes from a signature of the ratio of heavy hydrogen, or deuterium content of our Ocean’s water. The scientific community was stoked when they found that ice on a comet called 103P/Hartley2, analyzed by an infrared instrument aboard Europe’s Herschel space telescope, had the same deuterium ratio as water on earth. One wise-ass scientist starting calling Comets “dirty snowballs” and the space humor stuck. How could it not when the things are just ice and space dirt? And lead a lonely existence. Looping around the sun in orbits that are measured not by hours, but by centuries. At least now they seem to be getting the attention they deserve for providing the stuff that allowed all life on earth.

Astrophysicists have long puzzled over the original source of water on Earth. The place was so scorchingly hot in its infancy that anything that touched it evaporated. 4 million years ago, water would have only existed in the freezing outer reaches of space. Until recently it was believed that only 10% of the water on earth was from colliding comets. But now that number is climbing and showing no sign of stopping with every new piece of evidence. Which in all ways is what this new Surftime locals only issue is all about. Our Ocean’s celestial beginnings and how they relate to us today. Because the true locals of our world have never been human.

The true locals of our world have always been the waves. So as you absorb this new issue of Surftime. Take the time to look at the waves more than the surfers. Because it is the waves, and the ocean that produces them, that demands our respect above all others. A respect reserved for royalty. The Ocean and her waves are what are truly in command of our happiness and health. So treat them accordingly. Or die a small creature.