Passion Comes in Waves
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1969. Sunset Beach, Oahu, Hawaii. Way before man on man competition and leashes and thrusters and videos, the Duke Kahanamoku Classic featured 9 men in the finals Think about that. From left to right: Joey Cabell Eddie Aikau, Billy Hamilton, Fred Hemmings, Gordo Barreda, Paul Strauch, Mike Doyle, Rolf Arness and Felipe Pomar.

1970. At the height of his powers, Muralist, cartoonist, artist Rick Griffin took a break from creating the psychedelic era’s greatest rock posters to pen this mural for the surf movie Pacific Vibrations. It was a groovy time in surfing and a great time for rock and roll and a grim time in Vietnam. But posters like this defined the anti-war movement and eventually were instrumental in bringing it to a close. Surfers, natural protesters from the very beginning, were part of it all.

Both images courtesy of Taschen books, SURFING by Jim Heiman. Visit:

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