Passion Comes in Waves


Welcome to our Truth issue. And the surfers on the cutting edge that are pushing our sport forward to the outer limits of environmentalism, imagery, engineering and performance. So, with this in mind, we kick off this issue with a profound question. What the hell is wrong with us? Read our first article to find out. Next, as much as we speak of our surfboards having the soul of the shaper and the surfer in them, do fins have soul too? After all, unless you are a finless rider, nothing is possible without them. Could not the complicated engineering that goes into them, the very human energy that goes into their production, might this also have a scent of soul?

We check in with Vince Longo, CEO and Chief designer of Future Fins, for the answer. And that answer just might change your whole world. For our examination of performance we share with you our exclusive visit from our six time World Champion Stephanie Gilmore. She and Courtney Conlogue recently lit up the line-ups from G-land to Keramas. And we learn just what it means to be a female Champion in today’s frenetic pro world. Going deeper into this issue, we found that being in on something new is the biggest thrill in the world.

And to get thoughts on this matter we visited Northern Bali’s Muklis Anwar for his take on his new life as Volcom’s Indonesian surfing Ambassador. An enviable position that has brought this Medewi Charger a new, peaceful perspective on life. That and all the empty waves he gets to surf around Bali’s most overlooked wave field. For the cutting edge of surf photography, we give you our words, images and thoughts from master photographer like Marcus Palladino.

Palladino’s portfolio is of special interest. As far from our warm world as can be. Sensitive photos from the cold southwest Canadian region of Tofino. Images that provide an insight to the brand of stoke that it takes to keep surfing despite the challenges of a wild, icy Ocean. And as a juxtaposition to that world, we were stoked to get the images from two of our favorite surfers ripping Java. Dede Suryana and Dedi Gun, powering through a few of Dede’s homeground breaks. A real super session with meaning from two veterans that are still surfing as well as, and with the same energy as, teenagers on their first surf trip.

So, for our 111th issue, we will leave you with this thought: When we use all our energies solely on our own personal needs, our growth grinds to a soul-less halt. Expanding our surplus energy, our deeper energy, our “soul” so to speak, is an investment in transformation and change and progression for our Oceans and us.

This is the cutting edge of evolution. Of the answers to the environmental and spiritual challenges facing us all.
An exciting time, an extraordinary time to be alive if we make it so.

So get out there and get into it.
Because there is nothing in the world with a sharper cutting edge than a new way of thinking.