Passion Comes in Waves


Another amazing weekend, in an astonishing place, watching incredible surfing and Moto riding. The surf event got off to an early start. Ouch, because the night before a concert by “Sons of the East” had been taxing on quite a few. The spin on the Deus Slidetober Surf comp is that they supply all the boards. And all of them shaped at the Deus Temple of Enthusiasm by a diverse cluster of shapers.

There were Bonzers and single fins, Twinnies, quads, parallels and more. But it didn’t stop there. As the contestants in a heat came up, they had to draw straws, with the longest straw getting the first choice or all of the boards on display. They mowed through the heats, the boards were swapped and changed, some even doing it in the water. The camaraderie of the shared experience seemed to be the most important element. The finals arrived all too quickly, and then it was over. But things definitely weren’t about slowing down. Deus had filled the weekend with Moto races, a Moto Short Film Festival, a concert by the Australian Indie band, Sons of the East, an art show by a Japanese Sketch artist and a Sunday night of awards, bands and a final wham, bam of a weekend well spent. Long live Slidetober!