Passion Comes in Waves


How would you describe what the cutting edge of photography is right now? Today’s camera bodies are getting better and better in low light conditions, which plays a huge role in not just surfing but all action sports because we almost always need a high shutter speed. The fact that now you can shoot over 5000 ISO without losing image quality is incredible and extremely valuable.

Are there more or less surf photographers in the world now and why? More, by far. Affordable DSLR’s are a dime a dozen and with the popularity of social media, it’s not hard to scroll by surf photographers pages from around the world and be inspired to get out there and shoot your own breaks.

What is the cutting edge of water housings right now? Being able to control everything while shooting, switching back and forth between video and stills in the water has definitely changed the game.

What Ocean do you feel the most comfortable in and why? Pacific Ocean of the North West, it’s home. Also, the lack of sharks is quite comforting.

What impact has the Go pro had on your photography? Being able to film while taking photos is a dream. To be able to do both at once is incredibly helpful when working with a limited crew on a specific project.

What impact has the Go pro had on surfing? Angles never thought possible before are now an every day occurrence. For me it’s inspiring to see and helps motivate me to keep pushing my work and stay creative.

What is your favorite moment during a day of surf photography? When the light is perfect, the wave are pumping and the set of the day rolls through. Shooting barrels from the water is by far my favourite aspect of surf photography. Lining up with a surfer is the most amazing adrenaline rush, I can’t even begin to describe it.

What is the relationship like between a photographer and surfer? You start out as awkward co-workers, but eventually become best friends. Both with a common goal and always pushing each other.

What advice would you give to young surfers when it comes to working with a photographer? Communicate as much as humanly possible, its such a powerful tool in any work place. Try and work together in the water, not just free surf. Ask what lens they’re using. Try to keep yourself lined up, don’t go searching for peaks down the beach. When the light pops, catch any wave.

Who is your favorite photographer of all time? Jordan Manley. He doesn’t even shoot surfing, I’ve just always admired his work.

Who is your favorite surfer to shoot and why? Pete Devries, the definition of ‘hard work pays off.’ Michael Darling, always keen to surf and shoot no matter the conditions. Andy Jones, the most entertaining and hilarious person to be around. Noah Cohen, never satisfied and is always pushing himself.

What surfer have you not shot that you would like to? John John Florence.

Where is the future going for surf photography? Maybe into the filming, I’ve seen way too many spreads that are frame-grabs and it’s making me nervous.

Where is the future going for you? Travel the world with friends and capture what I see.