Passion Comes in Waves


Although one’s life is not defined by the awards one receives, it sure helps. And with the 14th Annual Surftime Awards we were so very proud to celebrate the best of Indonesian Surf Culture and shower our awards over our community once again. More a gathering than just a party, the Surftime Awards not only signifies the end of our publishing year, but of all the fantastic achievements of its past year.

Your past year. And this year’s awards were spectacular. For all of you that were there, for all of you who read this magazine, for all of our industry family that keep it vital and alive and especially to our sharpshooting team of professional photographers…thank you for being part of the Surftime Family. Our Indonesian family. In these pages we publish our honor roll of 2017 with pride and with the hope that these winners will inspire generations to come to strive, to achieve, to uphold the proud traditions of the Indonesian spirit of surfing. A spirit unlike any other in the world. Of course this month’s issue does not stop there. We have an excerpt from a longread article on Canggu’s blast off into the stratosphere, quoted as the “Most outlandish surf community on earth”.

A reputation well earned, as you will soon read. Then, staff photographer Everton Luis takes us into the depths of crystal clear Mentawai. Shooting Craig Anderson, Alex Knost, Bryce Young and Ozzie Wright entirely from underwater. A staggering portfolio of visions from our underwater Universe. Not to be outdone, another staff photographer, Liquid Barrel, ventured into unknown Java with an all-Indonesian crew and returned with photos as mysterious as the Island itself. And we also received an extraordinary portfolio from Staff Photographer Nobu Fuku in an article that features Taj Burrow, Rio Waida, Mitsua Tanaka and Teiki Balian charging giant Lance’s rights.

And from our opinion page, we get to hear from Stuart Nettle, director of, as he asks the question, just what is all the paid content surfing articles we read online doing not only to our sport, but to our minds? And of course we always bring you spectacular images in our gallery section and a meditation on the relationship between surfing Fathers and Sons in our always anticipated Close-out section. So we bring you this varied issue, that begins with awards and ends with a family thought, as a portent to our next year of adventure together.

With the internet dehumanizing all of us more and more, it is our hope that this publication, something real, something you can hold in yours hands, a public, permanent record of our moments together, will grow in worth in all of our minds. Because it is Magazines like this, permanent published records, that are so much more lasting than a swipe to the left or right. This magazine is a physical treasure trove that will tell the tale of our lives here long after the latest snapchat has been deleted. We write about and photograph the people who appear on phone screens, not the observers in front of them.

And those people behind the screens are you.
Stick with us for another year.
Because there is no such thing as public opinion.
Only published opinion.

-Editor- .