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The 14th Annual Surftime Awards: A Night to (try and) Remember

As exclusive as The Lawn in Canggu may look from the outside, it still manages a very organic, tribal vibe on the inside. And the 14th Annual Surftime awards, held there on September 22nd was just that. More of a family gathering than an awards night, this assembly of the best and brightest of our surfing community was at once a joyous, raucous and very, very loud affair.

Underneath The Lawn’s umbrellas and upstairs on the VIP deck, our surfing community had a big night. Freeflow from Wild Turkey, Skyy Vodka and Bintang made sure of that. The awards themselves were a simple affair this year, but the trophies were spectacular. The authentic Wayang puppet trophies that have become part of the Surftime Legacy were a big hit. All in all, a great night for our Surfing Community. An important night that serves to remind us all what a remarkable family we belong to here in Indonesia. What a remarkable tribe we are part of. And what a remarkable environment we all get to share here in one of the most magical places on earth.

1. Best Barrel: Koki Hendrawan
2. Best Aerial: Wayan Betet Merta
3. Hottest Style Land & Sea: Diah Rahayu Dewi
4. Hardest Charger: Agus Gunanta Corok
5. Rookie Of The Year: Ketut Agus
6. Worst Wipe-Out: Brazil Baadilla
7. Best Portfolio: Liquid Barrel
8. Photo Of The Year: Damea Dorsey
9. Female Surfer Of THe Year: Kailani Johnson
10. Male Surfer Of The Year: Rio Waida

1. Best Surf School: Rip Curl School of Surf
2. Best Surf Shop: White Monkey
3. Hottest Industry Performer: Rizal Tandjung
4. Best Event: Quiksilver ECO WEEKEND
5. Best Marketing Campaign: RIP CURL: The Search
6. Best Advertising Campaign: Volcom
7. Boardshort Of The Year: Billabong
8. Best Sunglasses: Dragon Monarch ION
9. Best Innovative Product: Oakley VISION SYSTEMS
10. Best Restaurant: Fat Gajah
11. Best Message: Insight
12. Best Womens Surf Line: Dahui