Passion Comes in Waves


Although just the mention of the word Java has been enough to send imaginations soaring throughout history, to the modern surfer it holds even more mystery than most imaginations are capable of. With a deadly, rough coast, ship eating waters, volcanic events that alter the very tectonic plates beneath us and over 1000 kilometers of exposed coastline, this 13th largest island in the world remains one of our last unexplored surf zones.

New discoveries leak out as rumors, then most often become ghosts to those hardy enough to seek them out. Recently, photographer Federico Vanno heard such a rumor and launched an expedition with local Balinese surfers Ketut Agus, Tonyo Dharmaputra and Mustofa Jeksen.

An expedition to the roughest part of the coast in search of what was being called the “Sunset Beach” of Indonesia. What they found was a gnarly, unpredictable, shifty right on the loneliest stretch of coastline that Java has to offer. Mustofa was first to ride so he named it “Itu Mengaum” which translates to “The Roar”. Both photographer and surfers came back changed men.