Passion Comes in Waves


Photographer Everton Luis, Craig Anderson, Bryce Young, Alex Knost and Ozzie Wright, on yet another dream trip to the Mentawai Islands, sat on the aft of the good ship STAR KOAT trying to come up with a different way to photograph the Mentawai. Ozzie came up with the concept of becoming fish themselves.

Which sparked Everton Luis to set out to capture a complete session shooting only from the angle that a fish would see. “Tide was dropping fast at Rags Rights and that reef gets too shallow and crazy, but it also makes the water crystal clear, so we went for it”. With only six waves ridden between them in an hour’s time, the reef became too hairy to continue and they all paddled back to the boat. These are the only photos shot within that hour. Paired with the philosophical thoughts that they could inspire. If we could only allow ourselves to expand our current understanding of Modern surfing’s physical act in relation to the Universe that surrounds us.

The Great Anderson/ Young/ Knost/ Wright/ Luis
Inter-Planetary Experiment By Matt George • Photography by Everton luis