Passion Comes in Waves


Mikala Jones’s selfies have reached an artful level. What other sport can be captured by the athlete himself in the heat of battle? By Rafael Nadal serving an ace at Wimbledon? Lionel Messi shooting a selfie during a World Cup goal? Think about it, Mikala is in a class all by himself. Photography by Mikala Jones

Sima Rai, Kuta Reef. A world class wave that has been overshadowed by her more famed Bukit sisters to the south. The original dream wave of Bali in the late 60’s, now witness to the island’s deadly over-development, today she is still providing a thrill a minute for her Tuban masters. Photography by Gabriel Reis

The Mentawai dream just keeps ticking away. It’s doing its thing right this second. Get there any way you can as quickly as you can. Chippa Wilson did. And we don’t have to tell you what he found. Summer is here. And so are you. So get it on. Photography by Ben Bugden