Passion Comes in Waves


First stop of Rip Curl GromSearch 2017 blasted off with the most talented young surfers from Lombok, Sumbawa, Java and Bali tearing into the surf like a pack of hungry wolves. The first day: Are Guling with 3 to 4 foot barreling waves, offering the Groms perfect sized conditions to show-off their skills. Second day: Sunday, Contest Director and Rip Curl Team rider Dedi Gun shifted the contest site to Mawi. “We are glad that we changed the location to Mawi for the final day. It offered better waves and the crowd was closer to watch the competitors rip”

The idylic and beautiful beach of Mawi offered the grom’s consistent surf throughout the day ith 3 to 4 foot left and right breaking peaks on offer. It was sunny all day, the wind was offshore. Again, this day offered the kids the best conditions to perform their best and to have fun. In the Under 14 division, Champion Varun Tandjung impressed.

“It was pumping all day. I am stoked with what I did today”. Under 16 went to Ketut Agus. “I just tried to surf like a pro. I guess it worked!”. Girls Division: Dhea Natashya’s outstanding performance saw her cruise by the field to finish first. Gracious as ever, Dhea said “It was incredible to see all the girls giving it all they’ve got”. During the Expression Session the best trick of the day was won by Rifai (Lombok), the best wave by Feby (Lakey Peak, Sumbawa) and Sahrul Gunawan (Lombok) took the best overall performance winning leashes and grips from event Sponsors Creatures Of Leisure for their performances.

All the children competing helped to clean up both beaches and learn about how to protect their beach environment. There was also a puppet show by Free Bali Dolphins.
Rip Curl GromSearch 2017
Air Guling, Kuta Lombok Contest Results:

Under 16th Division (Boys):
1. Ketut Agus (Bali)
2. Ryuki Waida (Bali)
3. Ben Benson (Bali)
4. Dhanny Widianto (Java)

Under 14th Division (Boys):
1. Varun Tandjung (Bali)
2. Bronson Meidy (Lakey Peak, Sumbawa)
3. Kona Eru (Bali)
4. Made Pajar Ariana (Bali)

Under 12th Division (Boys):
1. Westen Hirst (Lakey Peak, Sumbawa)
2. Raiha Ono (Bali)
3. Lucky (Lakey Peak, Sumbawa)
4. Hasim Muzadi (Lombok)

Under 10th Division (Boys):
1. Ipan Hafendi (Lombok)
2. Nathan Bontje (Bali)
3. Mahesa Pranata (Lombok)
4. Sinar Tandjund (Bali)

Under 16th Division (Girls):
1. Dhea Natashya (Java)
2. Taine Izquierdo (Bali)
3. Tia (Bali)
4. Jessica (Bali)

Expression Session:
Best Wave: Feby (Lakey Peak, Sumbawa)
Best Trick: Rifai (Lombok)
Best Performance: Sahrul Gunawan (Lombok)

Schedule of the Grom Search events for 2017:
Series 2 – Cimaja, West Java – May 13th & 14th
Series 3 – Canggu, Bali, September 23rd & 24th
Rip Curl Grom Search – National Final – Somewhere October 21st & 22nd