Passion Comes in Waves


2. Slidetober

Talk about a wild weekend… the 5th annual Deus Slidetober Fest was so big that all anyone was left with was sunburn, a hangover and a weird, stoked tiredness that can only come from three days worth of burning the candle at both ends. You’ve never seen anything like it and that’s because you’d be hard pressed to make it happen anywhere else in the world. It has something to do with the vibe that hangs in the rice paddy smoke around Canggu. Anything is possible there. Where else could someone hold an event with one day of motorcycle racing on the beach, one day of shredding in the water and another on a Moto Xdirt track?

Fourth of July at the seaside, postcardesque, palmlined shore for the first ever Beach Track Friday. The wise people braved the skin scorching sand to cool off in the sea. The rest hunkered down in the shade and waited for the tide to go out far enough for the races to begin. It was definitely time well spent because once the races really did get going the event entertainment managed to wrap all around with a million smiles as people spilled and thrilled through the sand.

With the bar set so high folks rolled down to the Pererenan right the next morning.The surf component of this terrific eventcompleted its fifth year of gliding and lip bashing.Once again the Deus team made available the multitude of sleds that are a result of the Temple Of Enthusiasm’s shaper in residency program. Boards from the likes of Rich Pavel, Bob Mctavish, Thomas Bexon, our Japanese Lord Tappy and even a few shaped by surfers Harrison Roach, Zye Norris and Forrest Minchinton were ripped along the walls of the Pererenan river mouth. Competitors vied for first choice of boards by pulling a number out of a helmet. Girls and guys alike hooted and cheered as two Australians, one American and a surf sensei from Japan high lined and head dipped their way to end the day’s play.

By far the best takeaway from the final day was watching Forrest Minchinton and Kevin Morel on the 250’s getting so much air it was surprising that neither got a nose bleed. After a tight start with people at less than elbows length they gave the spectators much more than their money’s worth.

At the end of the weekend there were winners of five different competitions. The Temple Of Enthusiasm hostedthe celebrations with a healthy dose of music from three amazing acts and lubricated the whole night with thousands of litres of everyone’s favoured imbibes. Wall to wall and coconut palm tall, the Temple swayed and strained under the brute force of a backyard full of dancing and jumping people. Damn… it might be the best event that Deus has ever put on!

Here’s The List Of Who Won What… And That’s That.

Beach Track Friday
Open Division:

1st Place – Kevin Morel
2nd Place – Marcus Becker
3rd Place – Charlie Boorman

Vintage Division:
1st Place – Nathan Barker
2nd Place – Edi Susanto
3rd Place – Pomali

Surfing Saturday
1st Place – Harrison Roach
2nd Place – Tomohisa Yoshikawa
3rd Place – Chris McHutchinson
4th Place – Jared Mell

Sunday Moto X
Open Division:

1st Place – Forrest
2nd Place – Zye Norris
3rd Place – Tom Edwards

Vintage Division:
1st Place – Matt Cuddihy
2nd Place – Husni Ridwan
3rd Place – Nathan Barker