Passion Comes in Waves


4. Padma Boys

Almost a year since the last Padma Boys event , finally on October Sunday the 18th Padma Boys Drop The Anchor Challenge 2015 happened. As always we didn’t have a lot of time since we just decided a week before the date, but turn out everything went very well. Thanks again for everyone that put in a lot of energy in it to make this event happened.

The event was held in Padma Beach, with over 50 contenders from Boardriders around the area and a few different divisions, from Super Groms, Groms, Juniors, Girls, Open and Masters. Condition was perfect, with a 2 to 3 foot right hander waves and high tide in a middle of the day makes condition perfect as it gets.

Kids were sent off earlier then the Girls follow up with the Juniors and on perfect tides, we sent off the Opens and after that the Masters. Even the masters make them feel like kids with a prefect waves and the event that we all been waiting for, then in the afternoon the finals went thru excited with not very far point the different between all the finalist.

Super Groms:
1st Fajar
2nd Dea
3rd Pemo
4th Joy

1st Rio Waida
2nd Ketut Agus
3rd Andre Anwar
4th Febri Biawak

1st Cinta Hansel
2nd Kailani
3rd Dhea Natasya
4th Puanani

1st Betet Merta
2nd Sam Mahony
3rd Rizal Tanjung
4th Devis Ratif