Passion Comes in Waves


BALI, INDONESIA – Picture perfect Padma Beach delivered the goods in the second leg of the Billabong Grommet Attack 2015 series. 2-3 foot waves rolled in under blue skies and off shore winds, creating a peaceful scene that was in direct contrast to the highly competitive grom action taking place in the water. And indeed they did, with verve and determination, having to be boated out to the distant line-up and then left to paddle in. “That is the physical education element of this contest” laughed parent Cacho Izquierdo, “It’ll put a little meat on their bones”.

As Billabong team rider Rahtu Suargita said on the podium during the awards presentation, “I judged a few heats myself and I can tell you that was the hardest job today – these kids were all ripping and blasting wave after wave non stop. The level of surfing we saw was amazing!” The judging panel was led by Gus Rai, with senior surfers including Raditya Rondi, Sima Rai, Made Darmayasa, Rahtu, and others taking turns judging throughout the day. In the Under 16 Boys Division it was Raju Sena, the “Prince of Padma,” taking his second consecutive win using his local wave knowledge combined with his smooth style and completion of high risk maneuvers. Congratulations to all.


Under 16 Boys :
1. Raju Sena
2. Ivan Sudena
3. Ketut Agus
4. Ivan Prihandoyo

Under 14 Boys :
1. Dhanny Widianto
2. Ben Benson
3. Varun Tanjung
4. Bronson

Under 16 Girls :
1. Taina Hincrel
2. Kailani Johnson
3. Dhea Natasha
4. Hayana Iguchi

Push-in Division :
1. Luwis
2. Kaldo
3. Surya
4. Made Noy