Passion Comes in Waves



A steady stream of almost 97 kids began jumping off motor bikes and piling out of cars frothing to first check the waves and then the heat board at Volcom’s first Totally Crustaceous Tour event of 2015, the Geckofish Sanur at Lembeng Beach. And yes the waves were absolutely pumping, with glassy 3-4 foot rights and lefts peeling down the reef just begging to be ripped apart.

In the time-honored Volcom tradition of Letting the Kids Ride Free, this Geckofish event attracted not only the East Coast of Bali’s best kids but also kids from Nusa Lembongan, Lombok, Canggu, Kuta, Uluwatu and even Taiwan and Brazil! With no entry fee, free lunch, games, and prizes to the finalists and two custom surfboards up for grabs, it’s no wonder the event was full to the gills with groms. Event Director Ribut Wahyudi: “This is crazy, I closed the registration a month ago with about 60 kids, and now look…but I can’t turn all these other kids away can I?”

So the divisions heats were expanded to 6 kids per heat and limited to 15 minutesjust so the competition could be completed before the sun went down…which it was… barely, with the awards presentation finishing up at 6:15 pm just as the sun disappeared. The hard fought Junior division was won by Raju Sena, who seems to be wining every junior comp he enters. When asked if he was getting tired of winning he replied “Not yet!” When asked about the wave conditions, he replied, “the waves were pumping most of the day, and so all the boy were ripping. High tide in the morning, low tide for the finals where it was a bit dangerous, but we were all ripping and I won, so I’m happy!

Pro Am Final:
1. Andre Julian (West Java/Padma) – 43.3 pts
2. Samual Pupo (Brazil) – 40 pts
3. Riman Jayadi (Canggu) – 33 pts
4. Kayu Vianna (Canggu) – 28.2 pts

16 & Under Final:
Raju Sena (Padma) – 34.6 pts
2. Ketut Agus – 28.3 pts
3. Kadek Alit Suargana – 22.8 pts
4. Wolf Wertheimer (Taiwan) – 16.5 pts

13 & Under Final:
Kian Martin (Canggu) – 38.2 pts
2. Dhani Widianto (Kuta) – 34.8 pts
3. Varun Tandjung (Kuta) – 22.8 pts
4. Made Pajar Ariana – 16.8 pts

Girls Final:
1. Dea Natasya (Kuta) – 32.2 pts
2. Cinta Hansel (Uluwatu) – 30.2 pts
3. Puanani Johnson (Nusa Dua) – 17.2 pts
4. Hayana Iguchi (Canggu) – 13.2 pts

Surfboard winners – Courtesy of Cipta Jaya Selancar:
Under 13 Rookie – Kadek Sastrawan
2. Under 16 Best Performance – Agung Sudarta