Passion Comes in Waves


Halfway kuta boardriders was running their 2nd event at halfway kuta beach on the 10th of May 2015. This year we have new division to filling the gap between the pushing divison and the under 14 division, this division called Novice division. The novice divison is for those is already able to catch wave by themselves but still not good enough for the under 14 division. So they can compete with the same level and build up their confidence in competition. The condition was perfect during the whole competition. It was sunny, light offshore and 2 – 3 feet of swell. It was great for all the divisions. Pushing division, novice division, under 14, under 16, and open division.

The pushing division is still ruled by Kai raymond, he was able to turn his board and manage to ride along wave makes him one of the strongest surfer on this division. Meanwhile on the novice division, Dego was showing that he was one of the promising kids that finally led to victory. On the higher level on this comp is the grom divison that is under 14,. Fajar was throwing some big scores and put up a great show with a total scores of 44 he end up to be the champion on this division. On the junior division the show is getting even better, the battle between Ivan and Kaleb Kukadis is end up wins by ivan sudena, the wave was mostly left that day and Ivan is a goofy footer so that gave him a huge advantage at the final.

The last but not the least was the final heat on the open division, Goofy footer Gogo Sujaya show some great surfing over his fellow surfer Winjaya, Rahtu Suargita, and Asti Adi, and also gave a great example to the grommet how to take down a heat the best way! Overall the Halfway Kuta boardriders comp was successful and everybody had great times. (As reported by Rahtu Suargita)