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alinese Artist I Kadek Agus Andre Yoga Permana has come of
With dense, detailed graphic art that reflects a decidedly modern Ba-
linese tale. With mixed medium pen and ink, his latest art is dazzling
collectors. From those lucky enough to have him illustrate their latest
surfboards to those serious collectors who are paying close attention
to his larger pieces and spectacular wall murals. Trained and influ-
enced by masters, Andre Yoga is evolving into one of Indonesia’s
most important graphic illustrators and artists. Creating his own brand
of colors whether it be to display a skull or a kaleidoscope peacock
in full bloom, Andre’s art seems to be lit from within. A generation of
colors and ideas that can be both abstract and literal all at the same
time. He prefers to work late, in the quiet hours of the night when the
hectic nature of the new Bali calms itself down and the blessed quiet
of the island falls upon his inspirations. Like Banksy, you never know
where his work will show up. Nor will you know exactly what to expect
next. Be it a wall mural in a retail space or a series of illustrations on
the the deck of top pro surfer’s new quiver. But one thing is for sure,
this talented young artist is here to stay.
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