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We haven’t seen breakthrough photography like this since Scott Aichner
blew the lid of surf photography in the 90’s. More than just photos, Diogo
D’Orey’s new visions are mind bending portents of the future. Matching the
high performance surfing of surfers like Luke Hynd, pictured here, with high
performance surf photography. The future of this kind of work is unlimited.
t’s been 161 years since the first-ever photographs were taken un-
derwater at the end of a bamboo pole. The next 100 years saw the
first images taken by a man underwater, the first underwater scenes
in a commercial movie, the first underwater color photographs, and
the first commercially available camera housing.
1. First Underwater Photographs (1856)
William Thompson builds a metal box housing for a camera with
which he later takes underwater photos in Weymouth Bay, England.
The exposures are made on 4” by 5” glass plates, and the shutter is
activated by a line from the surface.
2. First Underwater Photographer (1893)
Louis Boutan develops a crude housing for a small “detective”-type
camera and captures the first diving photograph using a surface-sup-
plied hard hat.
3. “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea” (1916)
This milestone movie is the first commercial use of underwater cin-
4. First Underwater Colour Photographs (1923)
Botanist W.H. Longley uses a magnesium-powered flash to capture
the first color underwater photos.
5. First Camera Housing (1950)
“The Tarzan”, left, the first com-
mercially available camera
6. First Underwater Commer-
cial Still Camera (1957)
Jean de Wouters, a Belgian en-
gineer designs the first amphib-
ious 35mm underwater cam-
era, which is marketed under
the names “Calypso”. The de-
sign is purchased by Nikon and re-released in 1963 as the “Nikonos”,
which becomes the most famous underwater camera in history.
7. In 1964, the first surf photo taken with a Nikonos is published in
SURFER magazine.
8. 2017. After 55 years of hair raising experimentation, Surf photog-
raphy becomes the most unique and specialized in all of sport due
to the fact that the photographers must be sportsman themselves
in order to capture the images. This “Totally immersive” and “Par-
ticipatory” brand of photography distinguishes surf photographers as
among the most committed and talented photographers in History.