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ason Ho hit the DNA lottery at birth.
Consider the bloodline that he shares.
Mason’s Uncle Derek was Hawaiian Ama-
teur Champion at 14, he won the 1984
Duke Kahanamoku Classic with brother
Michael finishing second. Derek Ho won
the Pipeline Masters in 1986 and finished
second in 1991. He won the Triple Crown
in 1984, 1986, 1988 and 1993. By 1993 he
was our World Champion, a two-time win-
ner of the Pipeline Masters and a four-time
winner of the Triple Crown. And Mason Ho’s
own Father, Michael, is a true legend in the
pantheon of surfing legends, with a list of
surfing achievements that is breathtaking.
By 1970, Mason’s Dad Michael was al-
ready the US Boys Champion at 12 years
old. Michael was Fifth place at the 1972
World Championships in Ocean Beach at
a skinny 15 years old. That same year he
started charging Sunset Beach, by now
squire to Eddie Aikau, Jeff Hakman, Gerry
Lopez, Reno, BK and the entire pantheon
of 70’s Hawaiian greats. Michael Ho was a
full time professional surfer by high school
graduation, long before the Shaun and Rab-
bit ever busted down any doors. By 1975,
at 17 years old, He was runner up at the
Duke and the Pro Class trials. During 1976
through 1988 he was relentless on the in-
ternational pro tour, rising to 3rd in the world
rankings. He and friend Dane Kealoha were
the Hawaiian spearhead for all the world to
see, ripping from J-Bay to Bell’s beach to
Japan and beyond. Michael Ho has been a
five time Pipeline Masters finalist.
With his exuberance in the surf and his
childlike glee, Mason Ho is in redefining the
stoke amid the pro ranks.